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Buy highly qualified phone calls and estimate requests with proven campaign strategies, measuring return on investment the whole way.

Why are Google ads essential for growing a business?

SEO is slow, costly, and ranking algorithms constantly change. Pay per lead platforms like Angi are expensive and leads aren't exclusive. Google Ads allows you to buy customers with predictable results over time, and it's a simple process.

Would you buy a customer that eventually spends $7,000 for $500?
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What is a successful Google ads strategy for your industry?

Choose keywords that translate to estimates and sales. Think "your service near me"

Build campaigns and continuously improve cost per click and website conversion rate. We work on campaigns on two paths.

We improve the campaign and ads inside of your Google Ads account. This means we are progressively building one of your most powerful assets, a profitable Google Ads account. We make sure we're spending money on the right keywords, the right demographics, and sending traffic to the right web pages.

We carefully A/B test Google Ads landing pages to increase conversion rate. Often, we see conversion rates increase from as low as 5% to as high as 20%. That's how we can increase the volume of leads without spending more on Google.

Prove campaign ROI by tying revenue to ad campaigns, and increase budget as sales increase. Most often, Google Ads campaigns fail because of poor data collection. We accomplish this through meticulous conversion tracking and integration with CRM/Accounting software.

Choose a budget that fits with your cash flow and risk tolerance.

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What are common mistakes made when managing Google Ads for clients?

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    No A/B Testing or Conversion Rate Optimization

    They send Google Ads traffic to slow, poorly converting web pages. This is disastrous for ROI and the most common reason owners feel “Google Ads Don't Work.”

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    “Set It and Forget It”

    “Set it and forget it” attitude towards Google Ads campaign setup. It needs to be evaluated and optimized consistently to build profitable campaigns.

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    Poor Conversion & ROI Tracking

    If you don't know if your campaign is successful, you'll never increase the budget to make a meaningful difference.

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