Dash Maids

Missouri cleaning service nearly doubles conversion rate on landing page for Google Ads after working with Arrows Up.


Slow Website + No A/B Testing

The Dash Maid's website was loading slowly and Google Ads traffic was being sent to the home page without A/B testing.

Speed + Optimization

Arrows Up built a new site with lightning fast load time. Then, optimized conversion rate over a 12 month period, using our proprietary testing and tracking system.

Reduced CPL + Increased ROI

Dash Maids conversion rate nearly doubled, cost per lead reduced by over 50%, and, due to increased ROI, Dash Maids was able to increase their ad spend to buy more customers.
Dash Maids
32.90 %
7.87 x

The proof is in the data.

When a brand pays for advertising on Google and Meta, there is almost always one goal in mind: revenue. By far, the metric that increases the revenue earned from paid clicks is conversion rate. It's as simple as “is your landing page loading quickly and solving the visitor's problem.”

It's likely your conversion rate could increase by 50%, or even 100%, in less than a month. This means 50%, or even 100%, more revenue earned from the same advertising investment.

Arrows up analytics dashboard conversion rate graph

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