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Marketing has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, but 99% of agencies haven't. Learn how Arrows Up uses modern technology to get better results.


Website Platform

Your website platform controls the content and code behind your site. A dated platform means a dated user experience.

The Old Way
Wordpress Websites
  • Released in 2003, Wordpress allowed designers without software development skills to build and maintain websites.
  • Wordpress sites perform poorly on mobile devices, but agencies still use them because they don't have software development teams.
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The New Way
  • Lightweight, designed for speed and efficiency, Svelte allows us to build the fastest websites on the internet.
  • Svelte is on track to become industry standard due to its ease of use and high performance.


Your website host stores the files that make up your website. The speed of the server and distance from the user influence load time.

The Old Way
Single Server
  • Historically, agencies host on a single server. When a user visits a site, the browser loads files from a single location, often far from the user. This results in loading delays.
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The New Way
Content Delivery Network
  • Our content delivery network (CDN) is a series of multiple, interconnected servers located across the world, storing your site files closer to the user. This results in faster load times.

Website Tracking

Improving advertising ROI relies on complete and accurate website data and visitor identification.

The Old Way
Client Side Tracking
  • With client side tracking, Google & Meta own your data and report how they choose. Users can block trackers, creating data gaps.
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The New Way
Server Side Tracking
  • Our server side tracking allows you to own all raw website and ad data. This means you get more accurate data and more control over how you use it.

Marketing Audiences

Google and Meta Ads use AI to find you new customers. The more data you provide, the better your return on investment.

The Old Way
Interests & Keywords
  • Your agency is using keywords on Google and interest based targeting on Meta to build your paid advertising audiences, achieving mediocre results.
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The New Way
AI & Customer Driven
  • We send customer data, sales activity, and website events to Google and Meta, allowing them to target more ideal customers.

Unified Data

Predictable, long term growth is a result of accurate data collection, recognizing trends, and taking decisive action.

The Old Way
Siloed Reports
  • Most agencies send reports or conduct reporting meetings monthly, using data they've chosen to pull from Google, Meta, and SEO tracking software.
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The New Way
Integrated Dashboards
  • We use a proprietary tracking system to pull data from your website, ad platforms, and financial software into a single system, giving you a clear view of your results.

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