Data & Growth Strategy

Empower your business with strategic data insights to foster growth and enhance market presence.

What do we care about?

We measure everything that can be improved online to lead to more revenue.

  • Revenue
  • SMS/Chats
  • Estimates
  • Website Visitors
  • Phone Calls
  • GBP Views
  • Form Submissions
  • Conversion Rate
Arrows Up analytics dashboard

Why should data be at the core of your growth strategy?

We offer complete transparency. Our dashboard offers a live, unfiltered view into campaign results. It's simple enough to understand and hold us accountable to do great work.

Empowering Your Decisions. Data helps guide decision making so you're always working towards improvement rather than 'doing something and hoping it works.'
Unlocking Predictable ROI. Boost ROI for companies by optimizing conversion rates through A/B testing and CRO. Despite the initial cost of attracting potential customers to your website, focused efforts result in more customers for the same investment.
Guessing is Expensive. As a partner to our clients, we share the same goal as you do, making more money through marketing. If we don't collect data, we can't tell if our advertising is working.
Data-Driven Insights. Data settles strategic debates quickly. Disagreement on an advertising strategy, promotions, or adding new services? Let's run some tests and find an objective answer.

How does Arrows Up use data to predictably improve results?

checkmark Comprehensive Insights

We use a proprietary website and ad tracking system that captures the complete picture of campaign performance.

checkmark Speed & Accuracy

We use server side tracking instead of client side tracking. This means we get more accurate results without slowing your website down.

checkmark Optimization Specialists

Technical specialists focus on optimizing Google Ads, SEO, and website conversion rate based on the data we collect.

checkmark Streamlined Excellence

Our client service cycle: analyze, strategize, report to client, execute. It sounds simple, but are you getting that from your current agency…

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Why do certain marketers struggle to implement data into their strategy?

  • x-disc

    Lack of Technical Expertise

    No technical resources at the agency to integrate systems and analyze data. If the most technical person at your agency is a wordpress developer, you're in trouble.

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    Inadequate Conversion Tracking

    Technical hurdles and unclear conversion goals often hinder marketers from setting up effective conversion tracking. This can lead to missed optimization opportunities, resulting in lower ROI and growth potential for your business.